Manual Testing

In a world where where most operations and interactions are digitally connected and facilitated, testing is much more than a quality requirement. In fact, testing is now considered to be an essential component of safety, management and strategic advantage. The knowledge and experience of a testing veteran spans across industries and domains. This knowledge brings in a whole new value to an organization’s in-house test capabilities and improves the ROI on investments.

For organizations with investments in infrastructure, it is tiresome and cost intensive to maintain an in-house team of testing experts because a new breed of defects keep cropping up every single day. Since technology has made it possible to have stunning communications, test consultancy is a great option to reinvigorate efficiency and improve business outcomes.

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Managed Testing has proven to be a Go To option for organizations in various stages of their life cycles. From early stage ventures to established corporations under transformation, test consultancy offers the expertise that fits into the strategy.

Service Type

  • Product Concept Testing
  • Defect probability index
  • Test Driven Development for new projects
  • In-house Defect Management System
  • Unique defect syndrome


  • Business Outcome Improvement
  • Testing Migration
  • Testing for Process Optimization
  • Test Audit to identify Areas of Excellence
  • Test Consultants for Onsite/Offsite assignments

Tool Matrix

  • WebLOAD, Apache JMeter, LoadRunner, Appvance, NeoLoad, LoadUI, WAPT, Loadster, LoadImpact
  • Rational Performance Tester, Testing Anywhere, OpenSTA, QEngine (ManageEngine), Loadstorm, CloudTest, Httperf, Silkrunner

Transforma’s Managed Testing Services Delivery process is designed to be simplify iterations and deliver strength to test pursuits. The Test Advisory Service Delivery Manifesto includes

  • Quick Response to RFP/RFI and Business Correspondence
  • Communication from the Test Consultant / On Demand Professionals and Specialists
  • Requirement Absorption to Service Delivery Documentation (RASDD)*
  • Cloud/Onsite Test environment management including set up, tool licensing and staff augmentation.
  • Set up TEST STATION as per client requirements
  • Onsite Testing Services and Support
  • Test Status Communication and Iteration Protocol with Version Controls
  • Debriefing Meeting with the transfer of RASDD and Data Destruction

*This version controlled document is maintained and communicated by Transforma. It includes the Service Status, Business Agreements and Financial transactions.

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