Faster turnaround, parallel developments, connected yet detachable modules, risk assessments, complex troubleshooting and frequent releases. Devops falls in the Action genre of the cinema of software.

Information technology has made it possible for innovation to flow in multi directional directions within and beyond projects. The cause of trouble in a project can be studied and an altered version of the trouble can be deployed as a strength, as has been observed in many a game changing moves in the development environments. Then there is the possibility of replicating sections of operations and deploying the modified code to complement a stronger variant while the current operations are underway. Devops has by far the greatest influence on software and the business that is powered by it.

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Needless to say, for a business, testing devops is as important as devops itself. Because opportunities have become fleeting, it is counterproductive to delay development and deployment.

Service Type

  • Pre - Release Testing
  • Continuous Multi Layer Testing
  • Rapid Tests for Performance, Functionality,
    Automation, Regression & Compatibility,
  • Mobile, Desktop and Cloud Testing
  • Compliance Testing


  • Testing over Cloud
  • Onsite/Remote/Distributed Testing
  • Product/Project Testing
  • DevOps Defect Index by Category

Tool Matrix

  • WebLOAD, Apache JMeter, LoadRunner, Appvance, NeoLoad, LoadUI, WAPT, Loadster, LoadImpact
  • Rational Performance Tester, Testing Anywhere, OpenSTA, QEngine (ManageEngine), Loadstorm,
  • CloudTest, Httperf, Silkrunner, KnoRa*(In House Requirement Ambiguity Filter), Selenium,
  • Robotium, SahiSoap UI, Autolt, Watir, Canoo Webtest, Cucumber, Httest

Transforma’s DevOps Testing Service Delivery process is synchronized with International business standards. The Service Delivery Manifesto includes

  • Quick Response to RFP/RFI and Business Correspondence
  • Requirement Absorption to Service Delivery Documentation (RASDD) - This version controlled documentation includes the Service Status,
  • Business Agreements and Financial transactions
  • Set up of DEVOPS STATION at Transforma’s facility as well as at the client’s facility.
  • Cloud/Onsite Test environment management including set up, tool licensing and staff augmentation.
  • Onsite Testing Services and Support
  • Testing in Agile, Lean and Continuous Delivery Cycles
  • Debriefing Meeting with the transfer of RASDD and Data Destruction

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