Agile Testing

Being Agile is no more a choice. Every single operation is dependent on at least three features of software, which is in turn dependent on all the features that need to work together. This means that for every successful transaction, there are sets of individual components that need to operate, respond and activate perfectly.

Software is the constant give and take between thousands of components, control systems, data passages among other fascinating parts in its ecosystem. A lot happens behind the fantastic solutions at the fingertips. But the ones that are fantastic are product of testing in their past and current phases.

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When testing a software, it is often the purpose of the software the guides the testing rather than the operation of the software. Thus agile testing needs a philosophy of excellence that covers all the areas of software, the parameters of testing, the standards of compliance and the ability to keep pace with the future.

Service Type

  • Organizational Test Center Set Up
  • Project/Product Test Framework Set up
  • Test facility and lab establishments
  • Test Parameters. Assessment Methodology
  • Compliance audits


  • Testing over Cloud
  • Onsite/Remote/Distributed Testing
  • Testing Consulting
  • Monitoring and Support
  • Performance | Security | Compatibility

Tool Matrix

  • WebLOAD, Apache JMeter, LoadRunner, Appvance, NeoLoad, LoadUI, WAPT, Loadster, LoadImpact
  • Rational Performance Tester, Testing Anywhere, OpenSTA, QEngine (ManageEngine), Loadstorm, CloudTest, Httperf, Silkrunner

Transforma is a cutting edge testing facility and service delivery unit of multiple testing disciplines in the global information technology domain. The center’s testing facility includes labs, licenced and open source tools that are deployed by a team of testing and QA professionals with cross vertical experience.

  • Transforma Agile Managed Testing Services Suite includes
  • Agile Oriented Testing Practices, Testing Professionals and Operational Formats
  • Industry specific test suites - BAFS, HealthCare, Hospitality, Aviation
  • Scalable Test Services for Heavy volume applications and Big Data
  • Subject Matter Experts and Service Delivery Expertise in Multiple testing disciplines
  • Orientation of Impact of Testing on Business in current economy
  • Contextual Testing Doctrine with Need, Speed and Deed Metrics for Clients.

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