Functional Testing

The success of any application depends on its ability to be functional in scenarios of a wide range of human interactions or the automations of these interactions. A combination of human intuition and programmatic assessment is the bedrock on which the success of the application is built. More often than not, it is the application testing which offers the best scope for innovation and strategic positioning.

Application testing is a phenomenal challenge. Getting it right can make the difference between a stunning project or a dysfunctional evolution that needs constant rework. Since the essence of the application depends on the requirement, it pays to engage a holistic testing process, one which examines the output as against the expected while marking its effect on the big picture.

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The importance of an application is common for any enterprise, regardless of its size and scale. While larger systems have to handle multiple factors, minor modules need to be equally strong to support the chain of events. This is one business concern that is undeniably on the top of the priority lists.

Service Type

  • Risk Based Testing - Inside Out/Outside In
  • Process/Project/Product Quality
  • Smoke, Sanity, Usability Testing
  • Regression Testing


  • Testing over Cloud
  • Onsite/Remote/Distributed Testing
  • End to End Product Functional Testing
  • Any stage Functional Testing

Tool Matrix

  • KnoRa*(In House Requirement Ambiguity Filter), Selenium, Robotium, SahiSoap UI, Autolt, Watir, Canoo Webtest, Cucumber Httest

Transforma’s Functional Testing Service Delivery process is synchronized with International business standards. The Service Delivery Manifesto includes

  • Quick Response to RFP/RFI and Business Correspondence
  • Requirement Absorption to Service Delivery Documentation (RASDD) - This version controlled documentation includes the Service Status, Business Agreements and Financial transactions
  • Cloud/Onsite Test environment management including set up, tool licensing and staff augmentation.
  • Onsite Testing Services and Support
  • Test Status Communication and Iteration Protocol with Version Controls
  • Debriefing Meeting with the transfer of RASDD and Data Destruction

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